Anonymous whispered: Idk if you're still here but do you have any other blogs I could follow?

sure sure uwu

right now i have two other muses, cecil baldwin from welcome to nightvale and hannibal chau from pacific rim. they’re both multifandom, so feel free to follow and interact with them if you like!

this blog is now closed!

slick is a muse that’s close to my heart and probably always will be - i’ve had a lot of fun with him, and i hope you guys have too. but after nine months, there’s really not much left for me to do with him, and since that situation doesn’t look like it’s going to change, i’ve decided to retire him.

for continuity purposes (and for now, anyway), he’s still alive, still hunting and being a badass and living with itchy.

thanks for the fun, guys. if you’d like to contact me, my personal is here, and my skype is miskatonicmagpie.

- monroe <3


Blood bounces quite strikingly on snow not only because of the obvious color/contrast discrepancy, but the large difference in temperatures.

Another post to add to the list of “I swear I’m not a serial killer, just a writer”

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Crying tears of blood…

strongly considering retiring slick from active tumblr rp again

i love him to death but i don’t have my desire or incentive to do anything with him so consider him on hiatus while i figure shit out yeah

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